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This work is by Marjorie Monroe-Fischer.

Something Sensational to Read

Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest is one of my favourites, and this quote from it has always made me laugh.  Having travelled on trains throughout England I quite understand the need for something sensational to read. My father loves trains, so this piece immediately formed as I thought of the quote. I found a Victorian era photo of this passenger train, put it on my light board and roughly traced the outlines. Watercolour pencils filled in the rest of the train, and extra tracks were added in the foreground.

The assignment was to use a Speedball B nib (not one of my favourites) for the text. The nib ended up being perfect for this piece. Matching the colour for ‘sensational’ with one of the traditional colours for Victorian passenger train cars helped make the piece pop. Reggie’s suggestion to square off the naturally rounded ends of the letters was the final stroke to make the text industrial, matching the nature of the artwork.

The piece was created using Arches watercolour paper, Micron pens, Derwent watercolour pencils and Winsor Newton crimson gouache.


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