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This work is by Maggie Gillikin.

Two Misspelled Envelopes

In the San Antonio Calligraphers Guild we have a 3 month envelope exchange each Spring. This year it happily coincided with the Reggie Class inspired by the Saint John’s Bible.

I used these envelopes as a practice opportunity with the incipit letterforms we were studying. I was congratulating myself on managing to get the letters done when, OF COURSE, l saw how very well l can spell! I forgot the “o” on Suzan’s envelope. So… l put in a small nightingale carrying an “o” to its space - if Donald Jackson can use this method of correction, l figured it was OK!

And l thought that l was home free on Jeannine’s envelope. No such luck! I hope they make you smile. The envelopes are out of the 9x12 inch Sulphite paper available in the John Neal Bookseller catalogue. I used black and red stick ink on the letterforms; the bird correction parts were done with
Derwent colored pencils.

I love to practice exciting letterforms and this 4 part class has given me new ways to look at Roman variations in particular, and Reggie’s approach toward morphing letterforms to make them your own- a great class!.


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