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This work is by Marjorie Monroe-Fischer.

Color Wheel Inspired by the Luttrell Psalter

The colour wheel assignment in Reggie’s 26 Seeds class seemed like a good challenge to make into an interesting piece. I create a lot of documents based on medieval manuscripts for the Society for Creative Anachronism, and my favourite manuscript is the Luttrell Psalter which was made in England in the mid fourteenth century.  A beautiful book, it is known for its depiction of life at the
time, and for its grotesques, creatures not occurring in nature. These characters and grotesques came to mind as a good way to enliven the colour wheel. The red knight, in spite of the discord between England and France, must be Jeanne d’Arc (I do not know many knights sporting pink chainmail).

This project was not only a colour study, but a study in gouache viscosity and brush control.

The materials used were Arches watercolour paper, Winsor Newton gouache in spectrum yellow, marigold yellow, primary red, brilliant purple, ultramarine, permanent green middle, raw sienna (for shoes), ivory black (for mixing and the monk’s crossbow), zinc white (for mixing), permanent white (for highlighting), and Holbein gouache in brilliant silver (for the sword). The loose gold leaf was laid with Instacoll. The brushes used were Winsor Newton Series 7 sizes 0, 00, 000, and a Princeton 20/0.


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