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This work is by Carrie Imai for the session “Variation on Romans”, in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow.

This piece was done in Reggie’s year-long a while ago in Los Angeles. That’s the hardest I’ve ever worked in one year, but you wanted to do it because, not only did Reggie ask for it, but he’s so nice that you wanted to do it for him and for the rest of the class participants.

I used to need to have everything planned, so did thumbnails and blow-ups
so I knew exactly what the finished piece would look like. Along the way, I found that the “good stuff” is in the “play.” So I spent an hour or so with a stack of different types of paper and all kinds of tools and media and just wrote A Z using different techniques and tools. Then when I had time, I’d take one of those out and create a piece with that base. Pretty much I just let the piece tell me what to do next, depending on what was there. Sometimes it
works, sometimes it don’t and sometimes it’s not done yet. Size – 18” x 24”.

Materials – Arches 90# cold press, Caran D’Ache Neocolor (watersoluble), gouache, Automatic, Speedball and pointed pen
Techniques – To create the large A – Z, I wet the paper and used an Automatic pen and watery black gouache, then drew the outline in red
Neocolor. I used an #5 Automatic pen for the manipulated “Painting” in broken lettering to match the mood. The quote is so appropo to what we do as calligraphers. After finishing one semester of calligraphy, I thought I was pretty hot, but as I learned more, I found out how much I didn’t know.


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