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This work is by Marijo Carne for the session “PressurizedRomans”,
in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow.

Blessed is the Match: Holocaust Victim Hanna Sennesh

19"x36" and is executed on Black Arches Cover paper using gouache and colored pencils.

A few years ago I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. where I first read these words in a display documenting the bravery of the Jewish Resistance fighters in World War II.

"Blessed is the match, consumed in kindling flame, Blessed is the flame that burns in the secret fastness of the heart. Blessed is the heart with strength to stop it's beating for honour's sake."

This was written by Hannah Sennesh, a 23 year old Jewish woman, who was a published poet, a pilot, and part of the resistance movement.

Her plane was shot down over Germany in 1941, and she was publicly executed for her resistance activities. These words were found in her cell after her death.

I wanted to create a piece that would demand respect and be a testimonial to the bravery of Hannah and all others like her who "died for honour's sake."

 chose Roman Capitols and black gouache on black Arches Cover paper to convey the power and reverence of what I felt were the most important words. I actually burned paper and arranged it in three dimensional layers to create the flame with a colored pencil heart at it's core.
The quote in it's entirety creates the light rays around the match in gradated values of yellow, orange, and red gouache. Hannah's words, like her courage to face death bravely, burn brightly in contrast to the overwhelming darkness of war depicted in black on black.

For Honour's Sake


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