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This work is by Rosie Kelly.

"La Poesia"

Handmade book, size: 10.75”x9.50” open; created 2004.  Materials: Arches Text Wove paper, acrylic paint paste paper background, writing fluids: black gouache, Dr. Martin white; stick inks; metal nibs, color pencil, charcoal pencil, fine line marker;
paste paper cover, single 3 hole binding.

In Chicago we have had our study group meetings for the last 32 years. It has been a great source of support for friendship and creativity. Of course some months are better attended than others, and the quality and volume of the work varies. But I have always come away feeling better. From time to time, however, I’m saddened by the thought that with all the inspiring work that has passed through those doors, none of it has been chronicled. There will be no evidence that we even existed!

I know that over the years other study groups in other cities have sprung up, varying in size and frequency of meeting. In featuring all levels of works from them, the point is to show just how important a study group can be in our development as calligraphers, at so many different levels. And, YES, it shows, indeed, WE WERE HERE! This informal gathering of kindred spirits has nurtured us, given us continuity in ways we may have hoped for, or may never have expected. I would like for it to be a legacy to pass on to current and future calligraphers: a way to inspire others to start their own study groups.

So, for the beginning of this year I will be featuring attendees of our Chicago group. We have had an embarrassment of riches over the decades when it comes to talent. This is a sampling. PLEASE send me works from any study group you may have been part of so it may be featured here and inspire others:



The greatest work of art in western calligraphy and illumination in the last 500 years is the Saint John’s Bible.

It is written out in essentially four different lettering styles: incipit, standard bible script, free form capitals,
and versals. We will be analyzing, writing out, and creating finished works inspired by and based on these.
More detailed information will be forthcoming in mid-February.

Class dates:  March 25, April 15, May 20, June 17
11 am to 5 pm Central Time US & Canada. 
All the classes will be on Zoom. They will be recorded and available  to students for at least a month after the class dates.

Cost: $200 - To enroll click Add to Cart Below after payment you will receive an email from me with instructions.

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