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This work is by Pat Daley.

“Men Bring Stones"

This work was done by Pat Daley in Chicago for the session “Pressurized and Drawn Romans”, in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow.

I used Copic marker for the grey stone, highlights on the letters are Dr Martin's, lowlighta and all in between greys are ( catch THIS-my own discovery ): Take a Parker Gel Retractible Refill, break, or work off the writing end, and the ink will start to drip slowly into the first well of a cheap plastic palette. STOP! when the drips begin to slow down--you don't want any of the gel in your black. Then I fill the rest of the wells with a few drops of distilled water, dip a #2 brush in the black, and get lighter greys as I progress to the 5th well and leave the 6th one clean.

The paper was Arches Hot Press 300--which gave the Copic Marker a nice grainy look on the stone face, but the Parker Gel lays down extremely smoothly, better than sumi, and you just let the palette dry out until you want to use it again by adding H2O to wells 2-6.  It'll be waterproof, and watercolor washes go nicely and bleedlessly over it, making simple, but adequate shadows.

Oh, I did use some colored pencil in there, too; mostly on the little men--who are supposed to be "Little Medieval Men", not elves.



The greatest work of art in western calligraphy and illumination in the last 500 years is the Saint John’s Bible.

It is written out in essentially four different lettering styles: incipit, standard bible script, free form capitals,
and versals. We will be analyzing, writing out, and creating finished works inspired by and based on these.
More detailed information will be forthcoming in mid-February.

Class dates:  March 25, April 15, May 20, June 17
11 am to 5 pm Central Time US & Canada. 
All the classes will be on Zoom. They will be recorded and available  to students for at least a month after the class dates.

Cost: $200 - To enroll click Add to Cart Below after payment you will receive an email from me with instructions.

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