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This work is by Reggie Ezell.

How to Bake Calligraphy Cake

Mix together black gouache and metal nib. Sprinkle atop a good white paper until Roman capitals appear.

Scan for 30 seconds at 250°.

Let cool in iPhoto for several minutes.

Reheat in Photoshop Elements for five minutes and make a reverse muffin.

Roll out large inexpensive paper onto no stick surface.

Use large house painters brush and inexpensive poster paint to generously cover entire surface of paper with spontaneous gestural strokes. Let sit until dry.

Using smart phone taste several areas of the swirling, frosting shaped whirly doodles until you find one in particular that is delicious. Make image of that.

Preheat computer to 400°. Using the Pages program in your Apple computer or Word in your PC bake a suitable color gradient. This may take several attempts, i.e. multiple cookie sheets.

Stir together all the above ingredients in a large bowl (or small brain) until they seem hopelessly flummoxed. Arbitrarily click on as many keys as possible in Pages or Word until your final work is no longer half baked.

Remove from program and let cool in color copier.

Final is best appreciated under poor lighting conditions or at a considerable distance.

Cut into slices. Wrap in shiny paper with bow. Give to friends and relatives.


The greatest work of art in western calligraphy and illumination in the last 500 years is the Saint John’s Bible.

It is written out in essentially four different lettering styles: incipit, standard bible script, free form capitals,
and versals. We will be analyzing, writing out, and creating finished works inspired by and based on these.
More detailed information will be forthcoming in mid-February.

Class dates:  March 25, April 15, May 20, June 17
11 am to 5 pm Central Time US & Canada. 
All the classes will be on Zoom. They will be recorded and available  to students for at least a month after the class dates.

Cost: $200 - To enroll click Add to Cart Below after payment you will receive an email from me with instructions.

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