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This work is by Karen Smith.

TITLE:  What Kind of Man is This?

The words of this quote are found in three of the four gospels in the bible and the story behind it has always fascinated me. Imagine being an experienced professional fisherman with a crew sailing out to sea for a catch. Suddenly, an unexpected violent storm so intense overwhelms your boat that you
believe the entire crew would soon drown. It’s dark, all are baling water to no avail. Asleep on a cushion is a man completely unaware of any impending doom. In alarm, the panicking crew wakes him saying, “Don’t you care we are all going to drown?” In a few words, Jesus calms the wind and the sea. Peace prevails. Everyone is awestruck. Who is this guy?

This piece is 10 x 14, composed on Arches 140lb. hot-press watercolor paper.  Both watercolor and gouache was used for the waves and sky. Fine-Tec metallic gold was used for the moon, then additional gold leaf texture was applied as well. All letters were gilded in 23k loose leaf “moon gold”. I love this calligraphic style, a Roman variation created by Reggie Ezell. The letter forms reminded me of moving water. Thanks, Reggie, for teaching me everything needed to express my inspiration! I’m grateful.


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