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This work is by Karen Smith.

TITLE:  In the Beginning

And there was light!
The idea that there was a time when light did not exist was my inspiration for this little accordion book. My goal was to attempt to express a dramatic
progression. Each two-page layout was to stand alone and tell a story but
unfolded the book would illustrate in an abstract way an explosion of light,
that pierces the darkness and refracts into colors.

For the book’s cover I used a handmade marbled paper that I had in a stash
purchased years ago. I painted in the gold veins. The closure is made of
watercolor paper painted with Fine-Tec gold, gilded with a gold leaf texture
and secured with Velcro. The inside was created using Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. hot press watercolor paper. For the background, I used watercolor,
gouache, Fine-Tec metallic gold and silver, Schmincke gold dust, and angel
dust glitter. For the center of the light source, I applied 24k loose leaf gold. All white lettering was written first with white gouache using a Mitchell #3 nib and then painted again with Martin’s bleed proof white. The dark lettering was applied with ultra-marine blue ground ink stick. The letter forms used were created by Reggie Ezell, a Carolingian variation. Thank you Reggie for your encouragement to risk and explore!


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