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TITLE:  Lettering on Black:

1. This first work was done by Maria-Helena Hoksch in New Orleans in 2010.

White on Black in Gothic Script 10"x7", Dr. Martin's white on Black Canson
paper, speedball C nib, pointed pen.

This is the first bit of homework I ever did for Reggie's class. It was done after first month class, after exploring Gothic variations.  So this is my version of Gothisized Italic. I had decided to take at least an hour to create a piece of homework for the next class, as I had seriously promised myself I would do homework this time around. So I sat down one night, too lazy to create even a draft or initial layout, I just played around with my pen, and that's what came out that day. No planning was involved whatsoever. The quote is obviously a part of a famous saying from Bible that drifted into my mind.  Interestingly, I think sometimes we just have to create something mindless to get the creative juices flowing, to prepare for something more serious and devoted to come. That is what this piece did for me.  There was much more homework to come. So that's why I really treasure this worthless little thing…

2. This work was done in 2011in the Boston class by Claire Griffin.

The assignment was from the Boston 2011 Primitive to Modern class. The object was to use a classic gothic letter and a modernized version (I chose cursive gothic) for this project. I went home found a quote that seemed appropriate, "Wherever there is danger there in lurks opportunity; whenever there is opportunity there in lurks danger. They are inseparable, they go together."Earl Nightingale Then I went a little crazy and pulled out a few pieces of black canson charcoal paper, used bleach and a large flat brush to write "danger" and "opportunity" in the cursive gothic. After rinsing the papers and letting them dry I found the pattern that most appealed to me and would work with the lettering. On tracing paper I played with layouts using the quote in different ways. When I found the layout I liked, I used W/N Cadmium Red gouache and a speedball C1 nib to do the quote. I highlighted the key words by using the cursive gothic and added an outline of white, which also acted as a ribbon of sorts that connected the 2 words, illustrating the message of the quote.

The answers to most of your questions regarding PRIMITIVE TO MODERN can be found through the main page at the web www.reggieezell.com Reservations are now being taken for next years classes. You can also contact me directly at contactreggie@comcast.net or 773-202-8321 . There is now ONE slot left for cities for 2012. Thanks, Reggie

3. This work was done by Carol Hall in Nashville in 2012

This piece was done for the homework for Session 5, a short quote in three italic variations. The quote is by Mary Oliver, whose poetry I have grown to love through her introduction to me in Reggie's class. The materials are Arches Black Cover paper, dry pigments: Titanium White with a tiny bit of Cobalt Turquoise, and Cadmium Red #2, and a Mitchell #4 nib.

The alphabet I fell in love with for this piece was constructed from Reggie's handout with the quote "The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord." My challenge was to come up with the w, u, and y, which were not in the quote and although I begged Reggie to help me, he simply replied, "You can do it!." And so I learned. 8” x12”.

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