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TITLE:  The Bayeau Tapestry

These works were done by Lilly Hatch.

It is spring and 26 Seeds were sown in the Salt Lake City 2020-2021 class. In September, Carolingian was introduced, followed by the endless list of homework assignments. I searched for examples from the Empire in the 7th Century, but found a work still preserved from a few hundred years later, The
Bayeux Tapestry.

I brought my past skills, illustrating and writing children!s picture books to calligraphy and created an A to Z Carolingian Book. October to January, I became a half-monk. The first month I was completely engrossed in research.  Then came the decisions. Naturally, the book would follow the horizontal tapestry, but choosing from the 230 feet of embroideries was not easy. Four book dummies later and four months later, 2 books sprouted.

B is for Bayeux is the original book, and the red, The Bayeux Tapestry is a photocopied version.

The size is 10 7/8” x 7 3/8” with torn pages of Frankfurt Cream for the 36 pages. I used Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks and Dr. Martin Hydrus Watercolors for the letters and words in red wine and mixed 8 colors to match the 8 colored wool embroidery threads. I ground my Soshobanko ink stick and used a rapidograph .50 pen for the illustrations and Speedball C0, C1, C5, Mitchell 4, Nikko G, Hunt 22 nibs for the text. I was able to add 5 variations of Carolingian to the book fulfilling my homework requirements. They were: 1. Reggie Ezell and Jaqueline Svaren 2. Sheila Waters 3. Anglo-Saxon and Continental Carolingian 4. Italic compressed and 5. Italic pointed brush.  The end pages were my favorite pages of course, THE END! Not quite, I did a Japanese binding for the books. Thank you, Reggie for being a great, inspiring teacher.

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