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This work is by Dawn Ponist in Indiana
TITLE:  Seeds of Joy

I enjoy the concept of nature journaling. Nature journaling helps us to fix an experience in our minds by the act of recording our observations and emotions at a point in time. It makes us pause and focus on the details that we miss in our daily busy lives.

During an especially cold and crisp winter morning in central Indiana, I braved the elements and began my way to the mailbox which necessitated walking down a long gravel country lane. The artic air was jolting to my senses and I remember just stopping in my tracks and I began to focus on my surroundings
and all that I was experiencing with my senses. What was I seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking? I found myself slowing my pace and just enjoying being alive in the simple task of gathering the morning mail. My morning walk was the inspiration for the prose; a stream of consciousness that seemed appropriate for lettering that ran into the borders without stopping.

The artwork is written on a 9x12 inch gray/blue Mi-Teintes paper. Vertical and horizontal guidelines were drawn using a Fons & Porter chalk pencil. The skeletal Romans are 1/2 inch tall and written using a combination of a Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen (Fine) and a B2 nib with Moon Palace Sumi Ink. I chose to emphasize the verbs in the prose, and the one word that summed up the experience; Joy. The lettering formed a 5x10 rectangle which I covered with scrap paper and blue painter's tape for protection, as I laid a birch tree stencil overtop.

Using a delicate pouncing motion, a stencil brush and thinned white DaVinci gouache, I added the winter trees to the paper. To add a connective element from the trees to the prose, I formed 3-D snow crystals using dots of neutral pH adhesive and clear crystal art glass. When the light hits the piece just right, the glass glitter refracts the light and tiny rainbows are seen in the snow.
New Special Gilding Techniques: 3-D and Textures
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