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This work is by Patti Adams
TITLE:  God Speaks to Each of Us

This work was done by Patti Adams in New Orleans.  This beautiful quotation is by Rainer Maria Rilke, mystical Austrian poet and novelist, a writer who was enormously influential on many modernist writers and is still widely quoted today. These lines are some of my favorites.

My main challenge was which hand to use? Reggie challenged us one morning in class to copy this wonderful hand that he had created - I thought it would capture the mysticism of Rilke’s words perfectly.

I used a large piece of Twinrocker hot press paper, and first slathered it with gesso to create texture and rivulets of movement. After it was dry, I covered the paper with fine layers of acrylic glazes of quinacridone gold, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, indigo and ultramarine blue. I then set the bottom of the paper on fire! I loved the dramatic look of the burned edges, recalling for me the idea of creation and the unpredictability of our lives, not to mention Rilke’s invitation here for us to “flair up like a flame”.

I searched for a symbol to go at the top but could never settle on one shape or symbol. This was an amalgam of a variety of shapes (done in 23 K patent gold and detailed with alizarin crimson and indigo gouache) to represent the power of the Holy Spirit.

I also covered the entire piece with a variety of different sized dots of gold and used a toothbrush to spray the entire paper with a fine haze of tiny dots of naples yellow and indigo gouache.

Finally, on to the calligraphy: written with a Mitchell nib, using Reggie’s inimitable calligraphic hand and my favorite naples yellow gouache. The attribution is written with indigo gouache. It was a great pleasure to try and capture the essence of this moving prose of Rilke and present it in Reggie’s iconic class. Homework: a challenge every month that stretched all of our work ethics and imaginations! Thank you,
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