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This work is by Jo Falk
TITLE:  I Shot the Serif

This work was done by Linda Floyd in Nashville this year for the third session Pressurized and Drawn Romans, in "26 Seeds: a Year to Grow". In her own words:

We were knee deep in Romans when I came across this quote on the internet. I wish I could claim it, but I will have to say I laughed out loud when I saw it and knew I wanted to make it for homework. The quote is a play on words from the old Eric Clapton cover of Bob Marley's classic "I Shot the Sheriff (But I Did Not Shoot the Deputy...)." Given my intimidation of Romans, it expressed my feelings perfectly at
the time.

This was a great exercise in drawn Romans for a beginner like me. First I plotted the large 'S' on grid paper, playing endlessly with the placement and structure of the bullet hole. Once I was satisfied I traced the 'S' and placed it on my waxed layout paper. Next came the 1 inch Romans, which I drew on my layout paper, traced, cut out separately, and experimented with various placements around the 'S.' I
was happy with the dropped, right justified design, so I traced the whole thing. Next I used Saral to transfer to a large piece of Arches Text Wove. I used Sumi ink and a brush to paint the large 'S', and a Mitchell #2 to VERY CAREFULLY write the 1 inch text. Whew. Talk about nervous!  Then I used my trusty EF66 to make the serifs, fill in all the ragged edges, and shape up the large 'S.' The whole piece is approximately 11"x 13".

For something so simple looking, I learned a great deal. This was the first time I had played with layout on waxed paper, the first time I had used Saral transfer paper, the first time to draw Roman letters, and the first time to use an EF66 for exquisitely detailed (and much-needed) touch up.

Now if I could just get that song out of my head...
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