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This work is by Nita Padamsee
TITLE:  Dance, Love, Sing, Live

This work was done by Nita Padamsee in Boston this year for the fourth session
"Carolingian and Variations" in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow.

This assignment was done for month three of 26 Seeds, ‘Roman Variations’
and each panel is 5" X 7". A common saying found on mugs, magnets and t-shirts, emerged from its 2-dimensional encasing, with each anchoring word taking on its own personality in this piece. Liberated from a previous monotony of font and a
lack of dynamics, I provided each word a distinct character, in hopes of invoking
particular emotions associated with the words through a play with color, script, texture and dimensionality.

The word 'DANCE' was originally done in gouache; however, drawing inspiration
from Nancy Galligan's cut-paper alphabet, I implemented this technique and re-did this panel using shapes cut out of paint samples from Home Depot. The thickness of the samples lends itself to the effect of relief letters, thus exemplifying the silhouettes and movement of dance.

The word 'LOVE' was rendered with 'Inktense' watercolor pencils in Neuland

'SING' was done with Moon Palace sumi, emulating Tom Perkins letters, and
the background was done in Inktense also.    

'LIVE' utilized the lively lettering of the Belgian calligrapher Liesbet Boudens
done in Moon Palace sumi and the the background was rendered with Cotman
pan watercolors.

The paper used is 140 lb HP Arches watercolor. In order for the black ribbon
not to show through the paper and to make the piece a little sturdier, black
card stock was adhered to the back.

This piece was so much fun to work on. Thanks for viewing my pieces.
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