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This work is by Carol Hall
TITLE: Cut Letter #1

This work was done by Carol Hall in Nashville for the first session, "Primitive to Modern” Blackletter: Modernizing a Traditional Hand.

This piece was done for Session 1 homework in the Primitive to Modern class. The assignment was to do a modernized version of black letter by changing the style and/or color. I was inspired by the work of Guillermo Rodriguez-Benitez. I noticed his spirited style in many subsequent works I have come across since then. But I was especially drawn to the lettering that was completely connected and cut out of one piece of paper. I wanted to do this for my 21-
year-old son, Drew, this being his favorite quote from The Godfather: "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." (I love Drew's sense of humor!)

I found the exact image I wanted to use of Don Corleone and printed it on bristol stock. I did the lettering and had to spend a good deal of time arranging the words to get the connections I wanted. I decided to capitalize "Gun" and "Cannoli" to bring some interesting breaks into the black letter forms. Once I had everything positioned satisfactorily, I traced it onto white bristol stock, and set to cutting out the shape with an exacto knife. I mounted the lettering with very narrow strips of black foam board glued with rubber cement, so it is significantly raised from the photograph.
Size: 11 x 15
Cut Letters #1

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