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This work is by Bonnie Houser
TITLE: Three 3-D

#1: This work was done by Bonnie Houser in San Antonio from the fifth month's class, “Design" in the year long course Primitive to Modern. It is collage using various papers including stained glass images manipulated in a computer; metal nibs, and ink: about 15" x 11”. It is created as a work to be reproduced.

#2: This work was done by Magda Kowalska in Chicago from month 5, “Design" in the year long course Primitive to Modern. It is collage utilizing papers, digital images taken of stained glass and manipulated in the computer, metal nibs, and
ink. It is approximately 11”x15". It is created as a work to be reproduced.

The more experienced man is not the one who is older, but the one who has felt the taste of life more.

#3: This work was done by Kim Dixon in Kalamazoo from the first month's class " Modernizing a Traditional Calligraphic Hand “ in the year long course Primitive to Modern. It is created as a work to be reproduced.

Specs on the the prayer flag. The words are from Genesis 8: 21-22. The DNA helix representing man's lineage continuing after the flood. The is a 22" x 22" china silk scarf. I Stretched the white silk blank over stretcher bars just like a cotton canvas.  First layer was diluted alcohol based dyes. Allowing them to free flow on the canvas.  Let that dry. Next layer down is Jacquard No Flow. No Flow makes the surface react much like working on watercolor paper. Let that dry. The letters are done with  Dynasty Black Gold Flat Wash and Long Handle Bright brushes. These brushes are worth a gander. Synthetic, keep their shape, nice bounce.

When doing the letters, I used the same dyes but at full strength. The helix was done with a compass with a ruling pen attachment. I put foam core behind the silk so the point had something steady to poke into. I worked the helix out on paper first. Then the paper helix became a stencil for spattering with a toothbrush around the edges. After the artwork was finished it had to be steamed to set the dye. That
means it goes into a steamer built specifically for the purpose of steaming material for 2-3 hours. It was rinsed to let out residual dye and ironed. Between Karen and I, we had 4 of these prayer flags. We, or I should say Karen, stitched them on to a ribbon
so they can hang like flags.

New Special Gilding Techniques: 3-D and Textures
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