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One Quote: Four Artists
Sr. Peter Julian Werner
Too many years have passed by for me to really remember how and what materials I used to execute the assignment. However, I do remember being inspired by a hanging sculpture one of our sister artists created. Looks nothing like the sculpture. I am not sure if I ever mentioned it to you that it was accepted into one of our National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Calligraphy shows. Nice memories. I do enjoy your Monday posts on the internet.
Rosie Kelly
This is one of Rosie’s very earliest works (late 1980s). With so little experience she pulled off Pressurized Romans with masking fluid! In those early works blue-green-purple was her perpetual trifecta through which she would romp.The joy was ever-present.
Roann Mathias
This piece was done in ????. It’s a combination of Dr. Martin’s bleed proof white and pearl-ex on Arches Cover black paper. I wanted to emphasize the idea of angels in the passage. I also wanted to use Roman Capitals, with what one other calligrapher called “drippy serifs.” The angel was from a photograph that I took in a New Orleans cemetery, on a clear fall day.This quote has always been important to me. The idea that angels could interact with humans without our knowledge meant that each person we encounter in life might be more important than they appear. With regard to the lettering, mastering Roman Caps was really important to me at the time, and I felt quite satisfied with the result.  
Dee Segula
This was Dee in all her power: the Pressurized Romans, total control of color, decoration, and design. And always her own personal, distinctive interpretation of a text.
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