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This work is by Haley Ping.
“Lo, How a Rose"
This was my design for my first printed Christmas greeting card I did in 2015 to send out to friends and family which is often inspired by an Advent or Christmas hymn text. Looking back at my notes, I didn’t find much about the details of tools and materials, I used Fabriano Artistico 140lb hot press watercolor paper: the original measures about 7”x10” and was reduced to 5”x7”.

I remember that I did do the rose watercolor painting first and then the lettering. I had it all planned line by line so the calligraphy fit nicely in an oval around the painting with the decorative bits to help fill in a line as needed to keep to the oval. I probably used a Mitchell nib and the calligraphy was definitely with watercolor.

Text is a translation of the hymn Es ist ein’ Ros’ entsprungen (Lo, How a Rose or some hymnals translate it to Behold, a Branch is Growing). I used the first, fourth, and fifth verses. The scanning and setting up the document for the printer is always the most frustrating part for me but the printed cards turned out much like the original.  

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