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For the next few weeks the Pick of the Week is going to be a little different. For over 30 years I taught myYear Long Courses all over the United States and Canada. The students in those classes often decided they wanted a keepsake at the end of the course. They would design a T-shirt or sweatshirt themselves for the class. The design and content of these keepsakes ran the gamut from beautiful to humorous. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the students who literally “clothed me” with their hard work and friendship. I hope you enjoy these little videos. Reggie

This work is by Boston 1998
I used to demonstrate how to prepare glair: a binder for the dry pigments we were using made from egg whites. I would use an electric mixer and a large glass bowl for ten minutes. I would then suddenly turn the bowl containing the beaten, frothy egg whites upside down over my student-volunteer’s head and shake it energetically: demonstrating they were ready to let set overnight. This little bit of showmanship worked flawlessly….except on one occasion. The electric mixer, another volunteer had brought, looked like it came from Ken and Barbie’s house. Hence, the T-shirt.

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