2020 PICK OF WEEK #18
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This work is by Liz Margetts.
Forward is Forward
   This quote is one my husband really likes. I could not find any author. I did find the quote with the phrases switched—"Your speed doesn’t matter; forward is forward.” I also found it with the wording changed, but with pretty much the same meaning.

I first lettered the quote out on graph paper. I cut out the words so that I could move them around until I found a layout I liked. I penciled in the turtle very roughly. When I felt confident in the layout, I was ready to begin the final version.

The paper I used is Diploma Parchment, and the size is approximately 10”X16”. For the lettering, I used gouache. I began with Cad Red Light gouache, but I decided it was too bright, so I added some Prussian Green gouache a little at a time until the color was right. I used Ivory Black gouache for the lettering in Italic. After the lettering was dry, I penciled in the turtle very lightly and began coloring it in with colored pencils. I used Prismacolor pencils and Staedtler watercolor pencils (but no water).

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