2020 PICK OF WEEK #10
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This artwork was originally sent out as Pic of the Week #4 for this year on January 27. However, due to digital gremlins, only a small fraction of the people who were supposed to receive it actually did. Thus, I am re-sending it out as Pic of the Week#10 for March 2 of this year. It's a beautiful work and I don't want anyone to miss out on it. Thank you. Reggie 
This work is by Sherri A. Trial.
Everything Turns
author: Suzy Kassem
6”w x 9.25”h, watercolor, wire, gemstones, Canson mi-teintes paper

The poetry used speaks of life as twisEng, turning and spiraling. With the spiral symbolizing life’s journey, I wanted to intertwine them, visually represenEng highs and lows of the journeys, and how they intersect with others’ lives at various points


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