2020 PICK OF WEEK #7
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This work is by Pamela Paulsrud.
"Line In Time"
Handmade Paper (Cotton/Abaca fiber), Pulp Painting (Over-beaten cotton/pigment), Mixed Media 9.5”x9.5” unframed

When I began papermaking years ago it was for the purpose of examining and exploring the creative process from inception to completion. The medium then became an art unto itself. The incredible versatility through fiber and additive choices, beating times, and formation techniques added to the possibilities of using paper as a means of expression.

Through my investigation into the concept and process of handwriting, I became intrigued with the ability to communicate beyond the message encoded in the text. My mark-making began as an abstraction of handwriting—intuitive movements—with particular attention to the rhythm and mood, referencing response to my environment. I use pulp painting as a method of mark-making when I make paper. Overeaten fiber mixed with pigment is painted onto a base sheet of wet pulp. The marks then become part of the substrate as the sheet is pressed and dries.

In combining papermaking and mark-making through pulp painting with geometric proportions prevalent in nature, these abstract pages reflect the interplay of the unpredictable with the science of surprises.

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