Reggie is a teacher. Over the past three decades his year long course “26 Seeds: a Year to Grow” has been among the most highly regarded and sought after in the U.S. and Canada. For a decade before that he taught calligraphy at Loyola University and the Newberry Library of Chicago.
For the last five years his new extended studies course “PRIMITIVE TO MODERN”, as the title suggests, has been an intense fusion of millennia old materials and techniques; calfskin vellum, gilding, quills, dry pigments, and designs (eg. Codex Aureus) with computer and ink jet generated backgrounds, modernized alphabets, contemporary and innovative designs and techniques. The structure, geared to flexibility, generates finished works based on the student’s preference for structured examples or individual initiative and interest. These exciting works have been emailed out weekly since 2009 as “Pic of the Week”, all archived on