On Line, Live Course: Four - 1 hour sessions: $180.00 -
-   includes free DVD and PORTFOLIO ($25 value; free shipping and handling for U.S & Canada; shipping and handling charges vary for other individual countries)
Individual 1 hour sessions of this course may be purchased for $50 each -


Session 1:

We will organize the letters in mono-line (skeletal forms) into four different families, in order to learn their proportions.

We will understand the different characteristics of the gradations of leads we will want to use at the various stages of drawing and refining these forms.


Session 2:  

We will begin drawing the letters that are only verticals and horizontals ( I, L, F, E, T, H ). We will then move on to diagonal letters ( A, V, N, M, W, V, K, X, Y, Z ) which require significant “adaptations” in order to work structurally. Lastly, we will make the curved letters ( P, R, B, D, J, U, C, G, O, Q, S ).

We will use a 2H mechanical pencil (lead holder) on grid made for calligraphy. Students will begin to learn how to self correct and positively critique their work.


Session 3:

We will spend in depth time building the skills to touch up and refine these initial letters in order to create a finished alphabet. A short, simple quote will be assigned. Students will continue to learn how to self correct and positively critique their work.


Session 4:  

Students will do a small, short finished piece. Emphasis on developing spacing will begin. Lettering on good calligraphy papers will become a priority. We will review all questions of letterforms and materials and refine their uses. Students will independently be able to self correct and positively critique their work.



Because all of these courses are personal lessons, we will proceed  at the singular pace that is comfortable for you. The course description is simply an outline to suggest a series of goals individuals may want to arrive at.


Free sample of teaching on You Tube, click on link below:




For questions: contactreggie@comcast.net



Consult the materials list below. Please leave as much time in advance in order to send for and receive supplies in a timely manner to use for classes:


Paper and Ink   www.paperinkarts.com   800-736-7772

John Neal   www.johnnealbooks.com     800-369-9598


Materials list for Drawn Romans


-11” x 17” grid pad made for calligraphy     P21.-dark  large grid pad


-Pentel Color Brush, black   FP57.    Pentel Color Brush  


-pencil  S650.   lead holder


-sharpener    S649.   Sharpener for Berol lead


-white vinyl eraser   E24.   Factis Mechanical eraser


-ruler: 18” or longer   S271.   Metal cork back ruler



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