Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  How "advanced" do I have to be TO TAKE THE COURSE?
A.  Not very: some exposure to the broad edge pen and familiarity with calligraphic terms.

Q.  Homework: how much is there?
A.  Generally as much as you can commit yourself to. In an ideal world it would be great to shoot for a couple of hours a day. Knowing that everyone doesn't live in that ideal life there is no "punishment" for not getting homework done. People who signup for this course genuinely want to improve themselves and intend on doing the work. Sometimes, however, other things in life take priority for a while. In these intervals be encouraged to come to class and just do the best you can. Know that by being in class: being exposed to the skills taught and other students works and support, a tremendous amount is absorbed that you can practice and apply down the road.

Q.  Once I sign up for the year long course am I committed to it?
A.  Yes. There is a maximum enrollment of 20 students for the class. If there are more than that (a waiting list) then a person can drop out forfeiting only their deposit. The financial viability of the course depends on people keeping their commitment.

Q.  Cost?
A.  From city to city it varies because of the very different cost in airfares and classroom rental. However, tuition generally averages between $1,200 to $1,600 per student. Payment is made to the class coordinator for that city, usually: $100 deposit, at least _ tuition before the 1st class in January and the balance soon afterward.

Q.  What does the class coordinator do?
A.  Quite a lot actually - makes the whole thing work! See home page "For Course Organizer Info....Year Long Course".

Q.  Do I get college credit for the course.
A.  Usually not. Special arrangements have been made in a few cases by some students with local colleges to get credit.

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