26 Seeds: a Year to Grow

Overview of Traditional Course,
New Format, Reggie Ezell

Session 1

Alphabets: Monoline Romans, pencil and metal nib

Broadedge Romans, metal nibs

Materials and Techniques: gouache, correcting errors,
nib honing, layout and design process, touch up for

Session 2

Alphabets: Pressurized Romans with serifs, Mitchell nibs

Drawn Romans, pencil

Materials and Techniques: gouache, transfer paper,
spray fixative, gum sandarac, paper sizing, nib honing,
gilding, good paper

Session 3

Alphabets: Roman Variations

Materials and Techniques: gouache, gilding,
acetone transfer, embossing, good paper

Session 4

Alphabets: Carolingian (increasingly smaller)

Carolingian Variations

Materials and Techniques: stick inks – black and
color, grinding stones, Linex Liner, snipping and honing
metal nib, manuscript book, calfskin vellum, good paper,
acrylic quill

Session 5

Alphabets: Italic

Italic Variations

Materials and Techniques: dry pigments, watercolors,
reverse photocopy, good paper, Linex Liner, acrylic quill,
quill cutting

Session 6

Alphabets: Brush, pointed and broad edge

Materials and Techniques: Pentel Color Brush, ¼”broad
edge brush, large brass nibs

Each session is a two day weekend, 9 to 5, meeting every other
month; eg. Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov

Reggie Ezell contactreggie@comcast.net
6101 W. Warwick Ave. Chicago, IL 60634 773-202-8321

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