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Week #38
This work was done by Roann Mathias in Memphis in 1998 for the session “Variations on Romans” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
“The earth will be filled…”
For each of the homework assignments, I spent a lot of time thinking about what to do, and then researching the topic. This was before the internet, so it wasn’t always east to find images to include in the art. During this part of my life, my faith was a driving factor. I was always seeing connections between different verses in the bible, and this was one of those instances.  Calligraphically, I was exploring (ok, showing off!) all the different styles of Roman caps that had been presented in class and in Reggie’s copious handouts. All the lettering was done with gouache in mitchell nibs, on a full-size piece of black Bugra paper.  
I LOVE working on black paper, thanks to Reggie!  

The gilding in the center used molding paste and acrylic gloss medium with variegated gold leaf.  I ended up using the same illustration of the world in another piece.
The border of lettering around the outside is pressurized Romans, with exaggerated serifs. The colors were the ones I used in the color wheel assignment. I felt very satisfied with this piece, both visually and conceptually. I felt like I was progressing with lettering Roman caps, which had been a goal of mine for several years.

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