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Week #34
This work was done by Lee Thurston in Boston in 2017 for the session “Italic and Variations” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
Antiques for Sale

For my final homework assignment in the 26 Seeds: A Year to Grow class, I created a manuscript book using italic letters. Instead of using a long quotation, I wrote a short story about my experience as an antique dealer in a group shop located in Concord, Massachusetts.

The first page of my book featured a D.H. Lawrence quote about “old things,” written in Winsor & Newton oxide of chromium gouache and using Reggie’s italic variation from the Calligraphers Engagement Calendar. On the following pages, I wrote about my antiques in italic, using Winsor & Newton ivory black gouache.

Lastly, I used chromium of oxide gouache on the colophon page to write my name and date.
 For the left side of the book, I scanned pages from a collection of antique sermons onto Arches Text Wove. The story itself appears on the right-hand pages, also on Arches Text Wove.

I illustrated the book with simple drawings of my antiques. I then stitched a small piece of Arches Text Wove to create a pocket holding old sampler verses on a “sermon” page. Several verses written in italic variations fill that pocket.

The stick binding method seemed appropriate for my book, because it allowed me to tie an antique pen to the cover for the “stick!”

The spread of the 2 pages is 8.5"x13".

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