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Week #26
This work was done by Lee Thurston in Boston in 2017 for the session “Italic and Variations” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
One of the homework assignments from class five in the “26 Seeds: A Year to Grow” class called for a quote written as a finished original piece using “fine materials.” This page is my response to that assignment.

My yoga teacher of many years, John Calabria, provided me with one of his favorite quotes. For me the quote is contemplative and speaks of reassurance and mindfulness. I chose to write it out in my favorite of Reggie’s italic variations, the one from the Calligraphers Engagement Calendar.

I made Sumi paper with Arches Text Wove. I gently dropped Sumi ink water (in a large pan) so it floated on the surface and swirled the ink to create the marbled effect. I carefully lowered the paper onto the ink surface until the entire paper surface was touching the water and ink. I then removed the paper to dry.
Using a dry pigment mixed with Gum Arabic in class five, I then wrote out the quote. In class I’d received the Iron Oxide Red 222 Dark #48250 as my color for the day. I loved writing with the pigment and saved what was left to use for this piece.

I created a golden dragonfly using patent gold to grace the edge of the quote and add that “fine material” feature. I think it’s now ready for a frame.

You have to be able to float the paper on top of a water surface so container should be larger than paper being used.

We dropped sumi gently to pool on top of water and swirled it a bit.

Drop one side of paper to surface and gently lower the other so that all of paper surface touches water surface.

Let dry.
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