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Week #24
This work was done by Roann Mathias in Memphis in 1998 for the session “Variations on Romans”
in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
“The Quilt” (the one on white paper with the color wheel designed as a quilt)

This piece was done with gouache on Arches hot press watercolor paper. It was for the 26 seeds class, in the fifth month when we were working on color wheels. It is a companion piece to the previous one called “The Quiltmaker.” I work in series, because it takes me more than one piece to express my feelings about a topic.

The quote, from the book Anonymous Was a Woman, spoke to my situation at the time of being a mother with 3 young children.
I appreciated the fact that even though women’s lives are full of household duties, there was always an outlet for creativity, however practical or useful.

I challenged myself with the smaller capitals by using a #4 Mitchell nib, to do pressurized Romans. The bouncing was based on a work by Alice Koeth, usually known as just Alice. I felt really satisfied with the work. The large Neuland words were filled in with colors from the color wheel. The quilt design at the top represented the assignment to use a color wheel in the piece. It’s still one of my favorite pieces that I did in Reggie’s class.
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