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Week #22
This work was done by Elissa Barr in Boston in 2017 for the session “Variations on Romans” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
 This work was done by Robin Gebhart in Seattle in 2016 for the session “DESIGN: Deconstructing the Grid” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:

As I remember this piece, it was towards the end of Reggie’s Primitive to Modern class and we were asked to bring a short quote, a simple image to go with the quote and a long list of supplies to class. Those of us who like a little time to think about the direction of our projects saw warning lights in our heads. We had no choice though, we had to trust Reggie.

Following along in class, I made a decision with the lettering to go against the traditional western standard of reading text from left to right, moving down the page to instead placing the words in a left to right, rising format.

It makes the viewer pause for just a moment and slow down – even though the text is very short.
By doing this, I hoped that the text reflected the content both in aspiration and thinking outside a comfort zone.

The image of space was an obvious one, but what to do with the image? I started with the radial lines and then hit a wall. Reggie noticed that I needed some inspiration and he reminded me of an artist he had earlier introduced to the class, Jesse Allen. After viewing images of Allen’s work on Reggie’s computer, I had an interesting solution to the visual problem and went to work creating strange amoeboid images to complete the piece. It was fun to have other classmates get a little shocked by the visual punch as they walked by my table.

Thank you Reggie. With your help this was a fun, engaging, challenging, spontaneous and wonderfully stress-free class project. Shouldn’t have worried at all!
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