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Week #20
This work was done by Eugenia Uhl in New Orleans in 2017 for the session “Variations on Romans” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
The first time I took Reggie, I made a small book of all the new ideas that I learned. So, I decided to do that again in the last year long Reggie class ever. We had a fun send off party for him our last weekend together in New Orleans complete with a “Second Line” Jazz Band. Wish you could have all joined us.

But before that, I made this book.

I decided to make a larger one this time, this one measures 12x12. The cover is woven strips of paper painted from the colors for my color wheel. I used this as a guide thought out the book when deciding on color combinations. I approached the book thinking that it is not a finished piece, to give myself the freedom to experiment with different techniques such as watercolor, gilding, adding photographs to my calligraphy, and collage. I really did not want the pressure of a finished piece. I just wanted to be free. And to make some beautiful letters to he best of my ability guided by Reggie’s class and homework.
I was riding in my car one day singing along to Earth, Wind and Fire’s "You Are A Shining Star", so decided that would be my main wording. That’s why the first gilded piece looks like an album cover. So pieces have more of the songs words than others. I did use other quotes in the book to keep it interesting, and send secret messages to people who would view it.

All of the photographs were printed out on my basic printer using nicer paper cut down to 8.5x11. Some photographs are cut up xeroxes. I used a variety of paper though out the book including, Arches cover, Arches watercolor, Bruga, Stonehedge, and Arches text wove. Basically I just went from whim to whim compositionally trying to create the beautiful letters that Reggie was teaching us. I used a lot of gouache, moon gold, palladium, watercolors, embossing, walnut ink. The colophon was done using yellow ochre and indigo which was inspired by an article by Carol DuBosch I read in Bound and Lettered, Volume 14, Number 4. If you have a specific question, please contact me: eugphoto@bellsouth.net

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