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Week #14
This work was done by Sabrina Hill in San Diego in 2018 in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
For the last class in Reggie’s year-long course Primitive to Modern 2017 in San Diego, I wanted a piece that involved a little more calligraphy. I have been very intrigued with the idea of calligraphy in a circle.

An Amazon purchase of St Armand’s watercolor paper sealed the deal. The single sheet arrived, and it was round. Perfect for this project!

I chose the words to Joni Mitchell’s song The Circle Game. This had significance to me because my children used to sing it at summer camp every Friday for a dozen years. A painted pony was the only art to be considered. After working out all the layout issues, I layered pink gesso and pink Instacol on the areas to be gilded.
 Despite my impatience, I also added a coat of activator since our fearless leader mentioned that it gives a better finished look. It was worth the wait.

Once the 24kt loose leaf gold was applied twice, I began painting the horse. I used Winsor & Newton gouache and watercolors. This part took me about an hour. Onto the lettering. I originally was going to do this is black letter, but it was too heavy. After fiddling with many scripts, I settled on this variation of uncial done with Zillers gray ink (my favorite) and a pointed pen nib (Nikko G).

I did the letter in consistent rows rather than a spiral. Overall, I am happy with how this came out.

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