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Week #13
This work was done by Stephanie Chao in San Diego in 2017 for the session “DESIGN: Deconstructing the Grid” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
For me, the first few minutes of every class (meeting every other month in 2017) with Reggie was always filled with some anxiety mixed in with an eagerness to learn. Our penultimate meeting of the year was no exception. After being shown many examples of what seemed like a complicated process to create a stained glass effect, we spent the weekend learning how to create such a piece combined with a short quote of our own choosing. Patience, perseverance, and following Reggie’s step-by-step instructions made it doable.  Our homework then, of course, was to make another one. Being a fan of Hundertwasser’s art, I selected one of his quotes for my piece.

The lettering was done first in pencil on 3/8-inch line height on grid paper, spaced wide apart. I then went over the penciled letters with a B-3 nib and sumi ink, and squared off the top with a fine tip pigment pen. The background was from various copyright-free images from NASA’s Image Galleries.

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