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Week #8
This work was done by Carmel Cucinotta-Harmon in New Orleans in 2017 for the session “ Carolingian and Variations” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
The challenge for this month’s homework was Carolingian
Let me begin by saying I love working on vellum. Therefore, for this homework I purchase a large piece of calf parchment from Pergamena; and the best part, it was already prepared for writing.

Since I wanted to keep the natural variations and demarcations of color that ran through the skin, I did not want drawings or colored pencil (which I did want in my original thought of design) to interfere with the beauty that was before me.

I chose Bible verses that contained the word “light” in them. Using the spine outline on the skin as a divider, I placed Old Testament verses on one side and New Testament verses on the other side.
I used moon gold leaf on the dove and in the box background for scripture titles. Laying the gold leaf so that my brush strokes would not show was a challenge. I had to really thin out the Instacoll with water in order for it to flow smoothly. I think the moon gold actually settled into the parchment after a few days giving the gold leaf a brilliance that intensified over time.

For the scripture titles I used letters from the Codex handout Reggie had given in one of our sessions. For the Carolingian text I used stick ink in Indigo (G7) and Persimmon (G-8). The ink flowed from my pen onto the vellum with such ease that words fail to describe my feelings in creating this work. The symbols at the end of each verse section are done in Indigo stick ink, a spotter brush and 00 Series 7 WN brush.
Again, thank you Reggie for pushing me into creating something way beyond my expectations.
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