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Week #6
This work was done by Claire Griffin in Boston in 2017 for the session “Roman Variations” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
I worked on this assignment for the pressurized romans in Reggie's 26 Seeds Lessons.

I have to admit that this originally started out as the beginning of my "Three Passions" piece. As the flower image came from a sketch of "3 S's" I sketched, I began seeing it come together and the 3 passions went to the back burner, for now, and another quote came to mind,

 “True strength is a blossom that thrives on subtlety." anonymous

I've always admired the spirit behind this quote, juxtaposing the delicacy of the flower with the concept of strength being more than just muscles.
We've been working with Niddegan paper a lot in Reggie's classes, so it was a natural choice. I feel the quote lends itself well to the pressurized Romans we studied. The mediums I chose were artists gouache and 23K gold leaf accents. Once the layout was complete, I went to work on the finished product, first laying the gold accents, then continuing with the painting and lettering with a #2 Mitchell Nib. The size is @12 x16".

Thanks so much to Reggie for the enthusiasm, patience and inspiration he brings with him on his travels east. I hope to carry these gifts into my own continued work and adventures in calligraphy.
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