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Week #48
This work was done by Lee Thurston in Boston this year for the session “Carolingian snd Variations” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words
With our manuscript book assignment coming during the peak of summer, I couldn't help but take inspiration from all around me: a wealth of sun, lush plants, good times with family and friends, and vibrant energy all around! Along with several quotes about the season, you'll find my own list of favorite summer blessings, which are unpacked along the bottom of each page.

The result is a book project titled “Summer.”

Bound with a Japanese stab stitching technique, the cover is made of paste paper and the end papers have real wildflowers incorporated in them.
The manuscript pages are Arches Text Wove, which I cut and folded in half, providing two clean writing surfaces. I then created each page individually before binding the book.

As assigned, all the summer words and quotes are in the Carolingian alphabet. I chose Mitchell #2, #3 and #4 nibs and gouache, using Winsor & Newton indigo, chromium oxide, red ochre, and ivory black--thank you, Reggie, for the color recommendations!

Simple drawings in watercolor pencil complement the words to finish off this personal summer sketchbook.

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