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Week #46
This work was done by Rose Smutko in San Diego this year for the session “Blackletter: How to Modernize a Traditional Calligraphic Hand” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
I was intrigued by discovering Nietzsche's quotation, not only in English language, but in German. I loved the challenge of using two languages in one calligraphic piece.

I initially began the project by spritzing water onto Arches 140 Lb. Hot Pressed paper. While the paper was still quite damp, I dropped in grey and blue-greencalligraphy ink onto the paper. Moving quickly I placed plastic wrapinto the ink & pulled tightly in two different directions. I uncharacteristically was patient and left the plastic wrap in place until the following morning.
After peeling the plastic wrap from the paper, the right side of the paper was exactly the lightness of color that I'd hoped for; the left seemed too dark.

However, I decided to use this contrast to my advantage. I used Black Letter for the German translation. I started with a very light value on the left, graduating to dark on the right. I also added metallic silver foil in the middle of each letter. Finally, I used graphite pencil for both the shadows on the Black Letters and for the English translation.

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