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Week #45
This work was done by Sandy Hanower in 2016 in Seattle for the session “DESIGN: Deconstructing the Grid” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
The easiest part for this design assignment was finding a quote that I wanted to use:

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." Confucius

When I found a celestial background it seemed to tie in with 'wherever you go," and a heart was just the perfect symbol for the quote.

BACKGROUND: I started with an 11 x 17 inkjet print with a celestial background.

LETTERING: I wrote the quote out on a grid sheet with a Speedball B-3 nib and sumi ink in a RAUCOUS alphabet format. Then I reduced and enlarged the words in various sizes --- +75%, +80%, +150%. I cut up my words and repositioned them on a waxed grid sheet for a desirable layout. After arranging my words, I further experimented with the size of the text by reducing my words by 85% and enlarging 120%.
Then I cut around the final quote with a Xacto #11 blade, leaving space around the letters -- approximately 1/8."

With the lettering copied onto a transparency, I determined the ideal placement of my quote.

IMAGE - DESIGN ELEMENT: On tracing paper I sketched out a heart and added some abstract lines to expand my heart. Then I traced the final design on the back side of my color xerox background. The lines and heart shapes were cut with my Xacto. On my waxed grid sheet, I laid out my design and separated some space between each of the lines.

I then attached the text to my piece.

With a hot foil pen, gold dots were randomly added and more heavily in the middle of the heart.

Now my image was ready to be photocopied.

I particularly enjoyed working on this design project.

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