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Week #44
This work was done by Ann Rabinovitz in Memphis this year for the session “Variations on Romans” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
I was not going to take Reggie’s last year long class this year but somehow found myself doing just that. Looking through my old papers and possible designs never finished, I found this outlined alphabet that was flush right. I decided to make a mirror image of the alphabet and that left a top round empty space and a bottom round empty space, which I thought was really cool. Little did I know how hard it would be to come up with a design for those spaces.

Once I got the letters properly drawn and fitted into gridded lines, I began to fill in the back ground around the letters, mostly going from a light tint in the middle of the piece to the actual color and then having the darkest color on the outsides.
I wasn’t sure that I liked the W/N primary gouache series of colors, but when I painted them in the order that I arrived at, I was amazed at how well they all blended together and the color just sang.

But the piece did not look finished so I added lettering in the top empty space using a B2 nib. On a separate piece of paper, I then made several different designs for the bottom area but was not happy with them, so I moved onto creating the side borders. I wanted them in grays, but after several test tries of various colors and shapes and sizes of the shapes, realized they dulled the colors in the original middle part. So, I went back to using some of the original colors and that seemed to work. Then I went back and made several more designs for the bottom area, combining some lettering and the color design. My vow to do simple smaller works this year had gone by the wayside. Though this piece is only 9” X 7” it got more involved than when I first started it. I rarely name my pieces, but this one I am calling “More than Rainbow Colors”.

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