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Week #40
This work was done by Nancy Kloos in Seattle in 2016 for the session “DESIGN: Deconstructing the Grid” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
This piece came about as a result of Reggie’s “Deconstructing The Grid” Primitive to Modern class. It measures 21” x 26”. It was a collaborative effort with my friend, Lisa Tsang. The inspiration for this piece was the picture of a stunning quilt we’d seen on one of Lisa’s postcards.

We selected three sheets of coordinating paper and stacked them together making the initial two cuts. Then, one sheet was taken for the top, another for the middle, and the last for the bottom.  From these pieces random cuts were made and each piece was glued in place on black paper with a pebbly texture.
It felt almost as if we were assembling a jigsaw puzzle and it became more exciting as each piece was laid.

The lettering was done on Arches watercolor paper with a Speedball B2 nib and the corners were sharpened with a micron marker. It was then cut out with an X-Acto knife to play around with the positioning and glued in place with raised double sided tape.

This was one of the few pieces I did in class. Our year had one class left to go and had I realized how much fun this could be, I probably would have waded into the water much sooner!

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