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Week #37
This work was done by B J Grant in SanAntonio in 2016 for the session “DESIGN: Deconstructing the Grid” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
The pictures of "quilt quotes" was done by BJ Grant in 2016 during Reggie Ezell's Primitive to Modern class in San Antonio.

When we were first given the assignment I was not too clear on how to go about using the 11x17 prints, but since my quotes were focused on quilts I started to cut the print into quilt shapes.

It was like a jigsaw puzzle but the sticky board Reggie provided made it a lot easier. That is one of the great things about taking classes from Reggie -- he supplies more "stuff" than you ever could incorporate!

The quote was calligraphed and xeroxed in different sizes on transparencies to determine which size looked best.
 The correct sized transparency was then selected and copied on to a heavy weight paper and then cut out and arranged on top of the cut out print using mounting tape to produce a shadow effect. The first picture shows the quote on top of the cut out print.

On the second and third photo below I decided to take a white glossy paper to cut all the quilt shapes out with an Xacto knife to allow the prints to be slipped behind the cut out design. That way I could see which print looked best without having to cut the prints up. I could also xerox it larger or smaller. These made great postcards.

The process was fun to do and allowed me to learn about the printing aspects of producing multiple products from original art. Other class members did some extraordinary pieces that I hope will be shown to allow people a better understanding of how unique this process is.

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