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Week #32
This work was done by Maria Helena Hoksch in New Orleans this year for the session “Pressurized and Drawn Romans ” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
I started this piece for a previous Reggie session earlier this year, but was too embarrassed to take it out and show to others, as it looked ugly and unfinished to me. And, I did not know then, it was only one third there.... A total throw- away, I thought. I have high standards for myself, after all, I reminded myself. As soon as I had decided that it was garbage, a stray misbreed, I decided to "adopt" it, to rescue it, as there was nothing to loose, but only to gain.

That is when I started layering. It was an adventure, a journey, which I did not know where it would lead. First the Mitchell nib in gray gouache on top of watercolor romans. Then lines painted blue and white, drawn with ruling pen and filled in, right between, and even on top, of the romans. Then italic on top of the painted lines. Between every layer I sprayed fixative like a maniac to be able to letter on top of the previous layer.
Towards the end, I had sprayed so many times that the ink was almost repelling, and skipping. As if I was now lettering on top of plastic. Gum Sandrac did no longer work at that point.

Let's be honest, I ended up with a hot mess. But again, it was too late to throw it away. It had "turned" too busy, too colorful, too much movement, too.... I need something to calm it down, I thought, to give the eye finally some rest and peace. To thank the eye for even looking at it! That is when I added the simple stripes in gilding. Most artwork uses gilding as a main decoration, or precious accent, I used it as the most unadorned part of my work.

Materials used: Arches watercolor hot press paper, Ken Oliver's watercolor bursts, various colors of gouache, Dr. Martin's white, watercolors, WN drawing ink, various sizes of speedball C and Mitchell nibs, pointed brush, ruling pen, 23K gold leaf laid on Instacoll. Overall measurements of the piece: 22"x15

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