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Week #28
This work was done by Maria Helena Hoksch in New Orleans this year in for the session “Basic Romans” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:

This piece of various capital letters does not make any sense as to legibility, so do not try to read it, as it is only pure experimentation in contrast and color. Materials used: twin rocker paper, moon palace Sumi ink, gray gouache, various pastels and colored pencils, speedball B nib, Mitchell nib, pointed pen.

Since I started my studies in art and calligraphy more than three decades ago, I was always taught that certain colors "go together", in other words, make a pleasant match. In this piece I decided to challenge that idea and prove that all colors go together if you make them. It is your (the viewer's) decision whether the result is pleasant to the eye, or loud senseless cacophony. I am fine and even salute the possibility of it being somewhat offensive to the senses.
I also took the idea that I learned from one of my mentors, that a piece of art can be too "hot", as consisting of only warm tones. You need something "cold" to cool it down. Here I tried to tie in the hot tones with the cold tones equally, as an almost chemical experience in "temperature in art". Many of my treasured calligraphic friends told me that the colors were way off here, and I only enjoyed the controversy. Why, after all, are we experimenting, if not for making mistakes. Make no mistake and learn nothing!!!!!

The contrast does not end here with color, but is made further "obnoxious" by rudely ending thin lines and starting thick ones right in the middle of a letter. The hole piece is presented as a solid block of lettering on a simply laid out page, just to have the all the various contrasts speak the loudest, and all for themselves.

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