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Week #26
This work was done by Patti Adams in New Orleans this year for the session “Beginning Romans” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:

Writing this wonderful quotation of Frederick Neugebauer in plain Romans was another big challenge from Reggie!

I decided to feature a DaVinci Circle as the setting of the quote. There are twenty-four equally spaced points around the perimeter of this circle, each connecting to every point. Interestingly, there are 48 letters in this quote, which would be the next numerical size of a larger circle! (then 96 points, etc) This geometric exercise, which Leonardo had his students do, teaches that the sacred shape of the circle is contained in everything in nature and illustrates that circles can be created with straight lines. The more line intersections there are, the more circles emerge: in the center, and within the concentric layers there are ovals and then more circles. With a larger number of points on the outer perimeter, more circles and ovals...ad infinitum...like our universe.
I thought this DaVinci Circle the perfect setting for a discussion of Roman capitals. For me, there is an element of allusion to their construction, all based on measurements and movements of the pen that completely defy ones natural inclinations and expectations.

I used a 20” round, deckled paper, handmade by Twinrocker and brown and sepia 1.0 Micron pens for all the lines. It is glazed with multiple light layers of watercolors (all Daniel Smith) in quinacridone gold, burnt sienna, indigo and yellow iron oxide. The calligraphy is done with Speedball C nibs using indigo gouache.

Learning to try and control Romans has been one of the great challenges of my long calligraphic life. Reggie captures it perfectly in his Romans video: “Welcome to Romans, where nothing is natural. A world of contrivances, demanding the utmost from you in skills of eye, hand and mind."

I’ll keep working on it!

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