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Week #16
This work was done by Tomoko Zunino in 2016 in Seattle for the session “Primitive to Modern” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow.
In her own word:
First piece

I usually shy away from very colorful backgrounds. Reggie successfully challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

I put a piece of Frankfurt 19” X 15” on the light box and directly applied gouache to paint the background of letters. When dry, I sprayed fixatives and wrote lettering with GOLDEN gesso twice. Some colors, like red, came through the white gesso. This ended up not being a problem after painting over with Dr. Martin’s bleed proof white. All looked perfectly white. I sprayed fixatives and tried to paint over with gouache but it repelled a lot.

I applied white GOLDEN gesso again, skipped the fixative and painted over with gouache. Phew! It was not perfect but I was able to cover most of the letters. When the paint was thinned out, it repelled more so the gouache was pretty thick, almost like directly out of a tube.
I used a foam brush and stick sumi ink to draw the line. When completely dry, I wrote the lettering with a speedball C-2 nib. I like the contrast created by the sumi line: colorful above and the last six lines below darker and fading away.

For the heart with wings, white GOLDEN gesso and instacol were used and 24K gold leaf and lemon gold leaf were applied.

Second piece

I am more comfortable with black backgrounds. This idea started forming while I was struggling with the first piece. This was supposed to be my back-up plan.

The white lettering is written with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White and a speedball B-2 nib. The gold lettering is written with gouache and a speedball C-2 nib. The heart with wings is made with the same technique as the other piece, this time using 24K gold leaf and sulfide silver leaf.

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