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Week #9
This work was done by Lisa Tsang in 2016 in Seattle for the session “Experiencing the Book as a New Structure” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own word:
Looking back at this assignment, the biggest lesson learned is that it's all about "the process." We were shown step by step how to prepare the essentials: coating some of the pages with acrylic medium to add texture, inserting the pages, the binding, reinforcing pages, the final structure, the possibilities. But then we had to figure out the rest ourselves.

The theme, organization, and just overcoming our doubts. The individual steps are too numerous to count. I would say you just have to take a workshop to learn all the secrets but I will share how elated my parents were to receive this gift at Christmas entitled, The Journey of Three Cranes, a metaphor for their 3 children.

The only lettering I did was the title on the back (in pointed pen). I had taken a paper making class prior to our final meeting so I used some of those painted papers, one embedded with string.
I scanned and printed some iced-dyed fabric paper (piling ice on pre-treated fabric and sprinkling powdered Procion pigment over it-as the ice melts, it stains the fabric) as well as a batik. Some of the shapes were sketched in pencil and cut with an X-acto.

Nothing was thrown away, it could be repurposed in another page! Transparencies combined with cut-outs kept the reader in suspense for what would unfold next. There were many hurdles and technical questions to solve in the creation of this book. I got inspired by walking around the classroom and seeing how different everyone's book was, I borrowed some of their ideas and incorporated them into mine. Don't wait for inspiration to strike, experiment with your ideas, and just do it!

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