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Week #4
This work was done by Gabi Glass in 2016 Austin in for the session “Italic and Variations” in 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow. In her own words:
In the spring of 2016, I was asked to donate a piece of calligraphy to a fall bazaar benefiting a women's guild at my old church. I was happy to do that but asked if there was a particular Bible verse they wanted me to work on. I was given Romans 8:38 - 39.

It took me until our 5th Reggie weekend to find the perfect lettering style for this piece. Earlier in the year, Reggie showed us a piece of his calligraphy on a fig bark paper and I just loved the colors and texture of it so I ordered some samples. It was stored in my flat file for a few months and I couldn't find the right project to use it for.

So when I started planning the layout of the donation piece, I pulled it out and it inspired me. I thought to mix the coffee color paper with purple and gold. I started with layout on a grid paper. I made about 7 different designs and then found the one I like the best. I didn't line the paper because it was difficult to erase. Instead, I used a table light on the back of my slant board (Used it as a light box) with a lined sheet of paper under the fig bark paper. I spray fixed the paper and mixed a purple gouache and decided to gild the word GOD with 23 k gold.
 About two lines into the project I realized how difficult the paper was to write on because of the individual bark fibers but I was determined to finish it. I lettered everything to the word GOD and then traced that word in next and then finished the verse. Once all the gouache was dry, I applied Instacoll. One letter background was more porous than the rest of the area so it took 12 layers of Instacoll to make it look a bit raised. Then I gilded it one letter at a time. I also applied some dry pigment to the finished piece in a partial shape of a cross. (see attached) When it was all set and done I was happy with the final piece but I realized I missed one line of the verse. It was imperfect but I turned it in anyways. A few weeks after the bazaar, I went to visit our old church and there it was, framed in the hallway. One of the ladies bought it and donated it back to the church. I liked the outcome so I decided to duplicate the piece as one of my homework pieces.

The process was much easier because it was a repeat of the first one and I already knew what I was doing and made a few changes to the process and added the missing line.

Thank you, Reggie, for pushing me to try new surfaces, tools and techniques

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